Emoticam is open to any Mac user who wants to stream their emoticon usage to the web. Installing this App will allow it to monitor your keystrokes, take images with your webcam, and automatically publish them to emoticam.net and @emoticam_net on twitter. It will set itself to start at login. You can uninstall at any time.

This software is provided with no warranty or support; use at your own risk. By running it, you acknowledge that you understand you're broadcasting your camera to the public web. You may not run this on a computer used by others without their knowledge and consent.

Download Emoticam

Installation Instructions:
To install, unzip, place in your Applications folder, and run. The first time you run the app it will prompt you to give it permission to control your computer. The correct System Preferences pane should open automatically, but you still need to click the checkbox yourself.

You should restart your computer after checking this box to ensure all settings take effect.

If System Preferences doesn't open automatically, you can find it in recent macOS versions under System Preferences > Privacy > Accessibility.